Naive Lovers

by Marc Silver

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The recording of Naïve Lovers began at a very emotional time for Marc. He first set foot in the studio with Andrew Lipke just a few weeks after the passing of his father. With twenty songs undocumented, Marc went in to record what he thought might become three different records. All of the songs were laid down in demo fashion with guitar and voice before really focusing on the ten songs that became Naïve Lovers.

My Dawn Is An Endless Night, which features a catchy melody echoed by a haunting piano solo, started with the descending guitar line and found words while touring in Asheville, NC; Won’t Cross Over The Line is a classic Nashville-inspired Americana hit with drums, pedal steel guitar, a swinging vibe, and vocal harmonies guaranteed to make you move your feet; Naïve Lovers, the title track, is a whimsical and dreamy song with a guitar solo reminiscent of the sounds of Mark Knopfler or Joe Walsh. The inspiration for the lyrics came from a chance encounter with a freight hopping teenage girl in Philadelphia. After months of attempting to write a historically based fiction referencing train stations and small towns across the country, Marc found his pen and spirit released when he hypothetically paired his own remembered adventures and aspirations with hers. A return to electric guitar is found on the song Devil’s Dust, which showcases the amazing harmonica playing of Bob Beach alongside rock’n’roll drums and bluesy guitar licks that are sure to have you driving a little too fast down the highway. Trouble’s Come Over Our Love had its first verse written in a café in Nashville the night before Marc first performed at The Bluebird Café.


released April 21, 2013


Naïve Lovers:
All Songs Written by Marc Silver
Published by Pink Belly (ASCAP) 2010
Produced, Mixed, and Engineered by Andrew Lipke and Marc Silver
at The Record Lounge in Philadelphia, PA
Mastered by Paul Hammond and Paul Sinclair at Fat City Studios. Blue Bell, PA
Design by Allie LeFebvre

Naïve Lovers has contributions from the following musicians:

The Stonethrowers:
Marc Silver – Guitars/Vocals
Isaac Stanford - Pedal Steel Guitar (3,4,5,)
Mike Hlatky - Upright Bass/Vocals (3,4,5,9)
Lewin Barringer – Mandolin/Vocals (3,4,6,)

Special Guests:
Phil D'Agostino – Electric Bass (7)
Ross Bellenoit – Electric Guitar (7, 10)
Andrew Lipke – Piano/Wurlitzer/Bass/Drums (2,5,7)

Mike Pietrusko – Drums (3)
Bob Beach – Harmonica (8)
Valentina Raffaelli – Vocals (3,4,6,)
Suzie Brown - Vocals (1,7,10)

I’d like to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude:
To my band mates, past and present, for their companionship and humor while living this musical journey. The smiles and laughter in our time together have brought me joy when joy seemed hard to come by. To my partner, James Rose, for his love and support over the past twelve years. To my father, the late Robert Silver, for his often unspoken, but deeply moving love and pride for me, and to my mother, Fran Silver, for her undeniably stubborn belief that everything I do is gold. To my sister and extended family, whose homes and hospitality have provided timely escapes to rejoice in life together. To Andrew Lipke for his constant optimism, enthusiasm, and vision: without him this project may not have seen its way to completion. To Sara and Jason Varney for their design consultation and to Jordan Rockford for late-night editing sessions and ongoing support. Finally, to all our friends and fans who have loved us, and our music through its various permutations.



all rights reserved


Marc Silver Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Marc Silver is living proof that singer/songwriters don’t need to shout outrageously shocking lyrical lines in order to attract well-deserved attention…His confessional songs draw you in, rather than drag you along… a truly noteworthy artist that walks quietly, but carries a big gift.” Dan MacIntosh, [Spin]

Marc works as a solo artist, and with his Bluegrass/Americana Band The Stonethrowers.
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Track Name: Oh My God
Oh My God

You said it was all innocent adoration
You fell in love with the breeze
The freer that you are to delight in sensation
The freer you are to be

As a child you went running
To the arms of your mother
For the warmth of a kiss on your cheek
And her love is as soft and light as a feather
And served as a guide to your dreams

Oh my god, I’ve lost my way
Mama wont you carry me home

If this breath were the last of our life’s incantations
What words would you wish to impart
Though our lives are a swirl of desire and disruption
We’ll go running with a smile in our hearts

As I wait to be freed from the shell of my body
Be relieved of its earthly confines
I see light from the world all around slowly fading
As the earth moves in silence behind
Track Name: Naive Lovers
Naïve Lovers

We were young naïve lovers, out on the old highway
Riding freight trains, across the states
We were both bound to running, deserted quiet nights
To cleanse our hearts of small town minds

Our hair was dyed and dreaded and
Piercing jeweled her nose
We passed unknown like homeless folks
We heard the call and answered our destiny awaits
With souls on fire, we gave our chase

Chorus A: There’s no place where she ever long to be
B: Place when were old
A: Long enough to feel she ain’t free
B: Share all we know
A: Her blue eyes saw the world she gave to me
B: Her eyes saw the world
A: How I long to be the man she used to see
B: Salt to the earth

Our lives we bind in writing, adventures weighed in gold
The simple gifts, we watch unfold
Through the fallen leaves of winter
And summers warm return
The distant whistles our trains roll on.
Track Name: My Dawn Is An Endless Night
My Dawn Is An Endless Night

I know it seems, I’m lost at sea
That when I’m here, I act like a fool
I know you’ve seen it all before

I lost my way, through endless days
Now when I pray, I don’t know what for
It seems loves an open door

You know I’d give nothing more
To be as we were before
Something has to change
My dawn is an endless night
With no one to share sunrise
Every waking morn.

Some other day while we’re astray
Alone I’ll lay and wish to the stars
Another chance to know your heart
Track Name: Won't Cross Over The Line
Won’t Cross Over The Line

I’m toeing the line again
The rivers rolling on by
My minds on the other side of it
Wont cross over the line

The first thing I’ll do is kick off these worn out shoes
Step into the river kick off these walking blues
As a man I’ve been walking trying to pay my dues
I’m tired of fighting some loving gonna do me some good

Take my hand darlin’ I’ll treat you right
Lets give it a chance baby lets dance tonight
Gonna make it alright

I’m Toeing the line again….

Well I might be a fool for loving you through and through
For pickin’ this guitar and singing these blues for you
Your hands in my pocket your living life fast and cool
All I want is a moment to show you how a man gonna do

Take my hand darlin’ I’ll treat you right
Lets give it a chance baby lets dance tonight
Gonna make it alright
Track Name: Showered In Your Grace
Showered In Your Grace

We have already known this road before
Everyone a piece of the light let it pass let it fall
The weeds have all grown tall
Our love inside is all but lost in the world

There was a time when we thought it was all our own
Looking back it’s lost in a haze all that’s left is a ghost
I never heard its call
And now I’ve gone to far to make it back home

Saw a flicker of light from the side of my mind
Turned my head to the wind it bathed and warmed me inside
I felt you on my face
Showered in your grace as tears filled my eye

Had it all figured out had my face in the moon
All the stars in the night came aligned as I stood there with you
Your hour’s come to soon
As wonderful as life is now it’s a tomb
Track Name: For Your Soldier
I’m in the mood for a friend, only my pen seems to listen
And the paper that it’s staining, and I feel all alone but satisfied
At the end of the day, it can feel so gratifying
A little stillness and some silence, to watch it all slowly fade away.

Hmm, I’m lying, with a picture of you by the fire
Life seems to flicker in your face.

It’s a warm winter eve. You’ve a blanket on your shoulders
Knitting one more for your soldier, who lay alone underneath a foreign sky

While you’re across that Harlem moon, far away from your lover
And your heart it waits under cover, till he lay once again inside your arms

Well I’m sitting out of sight, just the light from my candle
Twists and turns on my table, trying so hard to take flight
But we’re all bound to this land, on the tides of the ocean
Rise and fall on emotion, it’s the same little devil every time

Hmm, I’m lying, holding pictures of you by the fire
Life seems to flicker in your face

It’s a lovely quiet night, and my stillness brought me longing
For my lover’s heart beat throbbing, I lay my ear soft & gentle on her chest
Track Name: Long Grown Cold
Long Grown Cold

If it’s true that we’re in this life together
Then why, do I feel so alone?
I see love get passed from one to others
Not for me my heart has long grown cold

There are miles, many miles left to travel
Lord I’m down to shedding my last skin
Long ago I knew things would unravel
The night I found my lady heroin

One whisper from the wind
Fly the ashes of a dream
On a silent lonely night
A light is passing as one takes flight

Mamma don’t you worry bout the answers
We both know, they change in any light
When no more shadows cast from our old travels
Where once they played and danced for your delight.

One whisper from the wind
Fly the ashes of a dream
On a silent lonely night
A light is passing as one takes flight
Track Name: Devil's Dust
Devils Dust

Well shuffle your feet and kick off your devils dust
I got a notion I’m hoping honey we can discuss
There ain’t any reason for locking our spirits up

Well it’s pleasure I’m seeking and you’re such a pretty face
Lets ride the wind share a laugh,
And get our selves a little blazed
You’re hearts been in prison, for many a cold long day

Some people got a way of getting in your head
They’re talking the blues while living a dream instead

I’ve been a thinking on how I’m gonna see this through
Yeah I’ve got a feeling nothing in this world gonna do
I’m needing some lovin, and feeling like it’s long over due
Track Name: Trouble's Come Over Our Love
Troubles Come Over Our Love

I try and I try lord for some reason why
Trouble’s come over our love
I’ll sit and I’ll wait cause I know what’s at stake
I can’t seem to rise to the cause

In my heart all if feel is disaster
In my mind all I know is my fault

Though it’s a sad situation
When a Saturday rains starts to fall
We’ll sit and we’ll wait for an answer
Our wounds are all filling with salt

I don’t wanna know it’s a burdening load
That we’re just afraid to let go
Time has lead us away from our earlier days
When we walked along soul to soul

In your heart all you feel is disaster
In your mind all you know is your fault

Though we once swore at the alter
To love beyond all we control
Our love has turned into monsters
We’re screaming whenever we phone

When we’re old and grey, all our lives have unfolded
There is but one escape, to embrace the unfolding
Track Name: Babe, Be Mine Tonight
Babe, Be Mine Tonight

It’s alright with me if you need to cry
I’ll be your shelter, come rain or shine
I’ll be your shoulder on which you might sigh
Babe, be mine tonight

Heart ache and pain’s it aint what we ask for
Wise words and dreams they came in a song
Warm southern breeze is blowing my cover
Angelic wings, they’re easing my fall

When you are ready, I hope that you’ll see
Nothing’s, too heavy for me

It’s alright with me, darling take your time
Don’t let worry, trouble your mind
Darling Come to me, let me help you rise
Babe, be mine tonight
Babe, be mine tonight